What is and how to gain self confidence?

What is self confidence, where does it come from?  Self confidence, or self-esteem, is defined by each person uniquely. You might see it as simply being able to say no when you want to, while another person might consider it living life in a way where every action and emotion you have is geared toward your success and happiness.

How to gain self confidence?

We’re all born with inner strength. When we’re first born, we are void of excuses – of negative thought patterns about ourselves or life in general.

How to gain self confidence
How to gain self confidence

Our self concept was: there’s nothing we can’t do. You’ve seen babies and toddlers move about – they do it with no fear. They attempt things without thinking of consequences.

how to gain self confidence
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Of course that kind of carelessness can have a negative impact on you as well, so there’s definitely a health balance between not caring and caring so much that outside factors cripple or paralyze you.

Gaining self confidence


What is self confidence in psychology? According to Wikipedia the socio-psychological concept of self-confidence relates to self-assurance in one’s personal judgment, ability, power, etc. and reflects a person’s overall emotional evaluation of his or her own worth.

What Creates Self-Esteem? Self confidence doesn’t just dissipate like steam rising from a boiling pot, it is envied by others, and ignored by tragedies that we go through. In order for this to occur we have to hand over a certain amount of permission allowing it to happen, growing and gaining.

How could we ever lose our self confidence? We allow events and people to chip away at our self esteem. As children, we’re taught that other people have power over us to some degree – teachers, parents – any and all authority figures. We’re taught to play nice and cave in to some activities and elements of life we may not enjoy just to be polite.

How to build self confidence


It’s hard to grow out of that mindset, but kids usually take a path when they reach the teen years – and it continues on throughout adulthood. As a teen, you either were labeled headstrong, or not labeled at all – because people without self esteem are barely noticeable. They go along with whatever expectations people have of them. They experience a lack in self concept; self respect and they image themselves as week.

Sometimes even if someone starts out on the right path – of having ample inner strength – they can lose it as they let their defenses down and allow other people to deeply influence them. Or, they go through a series of situations that bring them to their knees and with every encounter, they’re a little less strong.

Self confidence can always be replenished and improved.

How-to gain self confidence? Brian Tracy
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If we ask ourselves on ways how to gain self confidence, it’s because we’re in a state of helplessness – almost like hanging on by a thread and feel like if we don’t get a stronger hold on our emotions and confidence, we could lose everything.

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No matter how often you feel like you’ve been knocked down or that you’re unable to face a situation, you will always have a spark of confidence ignited in your soul. Sometimes it will be a large flame and sometimes you’ll wonder if it’s gone for good.

But it’s in there. You simply have to fan the flames, build them up and focus on it to get it back. Like a muscle that’s atrophied, your self confidence has to be flexed for it to work again. It has to be used on a regular basis – tested so that it becomes a force that’s able to protect you from harm and lift you to heights you never knew were possible.

Stay tuned and get more tips on how to gain self confidence at work and in a relationship in our next articles.