20 Best Anger Management Movie Quotes Goosfraba

Sharing with you my favorite Anger Management movie quotes and tips on controlling anger. When treating or dealing with anger issues, there are many different anger control techniques. Each of them is intended to help people

Anger management movie quotes
Anger management movie quotes

“I’m sorry I was so rude before but it’s different for me to express myself when I am on the verge of exploding in my pants.”

7 Ways To Reduce Anger

When treating or dealing with anger issues, there are many different anger control techniques and anger management tips. Each of them is intended to help people who are hot-tempered and frequently have fits of rage or frustration. Anger, although a healthy and normal response to upsetting situations, it can be intense to the point of violence.

When a person experiences regular episodes of angry or reckless behavior, there’s a problem, one that needs to be dealt with. These tips to control anger are designed to help an individual return to a healthy, normal existence.

Quotes from anger management
Quotes from anger management

“Anger Management movie advice: “Flirting is the second cousin of Cheating.””

#1 Taking a time-out is considered a healthy management strategy. Removing oneself from a situation or person that makes a person angry is practicing time-out. This help with anger strategy might simply require a ride in the car or a walk on the beach. Playing sports or working out will help an individual to use up some of the extra energy and express self esteem without involving others. Some other suggestions for time-out are reading, listening to music or sitting alone in silence.

Fun anger management movie quotes
Fun anger management movie quotes

“From anger management the movie: “Dave, there are two kinds of angry people – explosive and implosive.”

“Explosive is the type of individual you see screaming at the cashier for not taking his coupon.”

“Implosive is the cashier who remains quiet day after day and then finally shoots everyone in the store. You’re the cashier.”

#2 A second example in tips for controlling anger is, owning up to the anger. Although the anger is usually brought on by an irritating situation or a confrontation with another individual, the anger actually belongs to the troubled person. Only the person who’s experiencing the anger issues can control their outbursts. When an individual becomes mad or upset they need to try to disclose the reasons for their anger whether it is hurt, frustration fear, sadness, confusion , jealousy or whatever seems to bring unleash the rage.

anger management goosfraba quote

“Goosfraba! That’s good. Slower. Goosfraba. How do you feel? Better anger management goosfraba movie quote”

Anger management Goosfraba meaning,

In the film Anger Management (with Jack Nicholson & Adam Sandler) in 2003, Dr. Rydell uses the word Goosfraba with his patients to calm them down when their anger becomes too much or starts to rise too fast. “Goosfraba” a magically effective nonsense word to calm down. The definition of Goosfraba by The Free Dictionary is not available.

#3 Another anger management advice is to look back on those situations that upset an individual and try to find ways to make changes. Learning the cause of the anger may help the individual to avoid those situations. Not only might the person learn to avoid these incidents but they might also choose to take what they’ve learned and attempt to deal with the situation without bursting into a frenzy.

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“Remember, Lou, temper’s the one thing you can’t get rid of by losing it.”

#4 A fourth suggestion regarding managing your anger is to confront the situation or person. Talk to the person or people involved, calmly of course, to try to determine the root of the problem. The angry individual might actually discover that the whole thing was a mix-up, a misunderstanding. The individual might also try asking the person or people in the situation to think about their behavior and perhaps even change it.

anger managment movie saying

My movie rating: A+ “…who’s joining our quest to get the anger monkeys off our backs?”


How often did you watch the anger management film?

It may be surprising what people would be willing to do to help the person who is attempting to deal with their problems with anger. Hopefully everything will work out for the best. If not there has to be room for acceptance. Sometimes a person must simply accept the situations and people they cannot change and either deal with it or walk away.

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One of my most favorite anger management movie quotes: “Good news, I fed my anger monkey a banana this morning…”

Once an individual is willing to work on their management of anger, there are techniques which will be taught to help them. It might be necessary for the individual to try them all in order to find one that work best for them.

anger management movie summary

“The anger sharks are swimming in my head.”

#5 in anger control tips is relaxation. Angry feelings and emotions can be calmed by relaxing exercises such as deep breathing, relaxing imagery and slow non-strenuous exercise similar to yoga. When a person becomes irritated and headed for a fit of anger, it is suggested they breathe deeply.

anger management film saying

Advice from movie anger management: “Dissembling is a common tool of the anger junkie.”

This technique recommends that the person breathe from their diaphragm in order to relax. Using relaxing imagery may work for some people. Allowing their mind and thoughts to go to a happy place, a relaxing experience may help to calm them down. This imagery may be of a past experience or the individual could use their imagination. The yoga-like exercises used as ways of controlling anger are meant to relax the muscles which in turn will help the individual feel pretty and much calmer.

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Would that be a good movie summary? “He’s angry. It’s a sickness, not a crime.”

#6 in methods to control anger is problem solving. It is important for an individual to discover the reason for their anger. Anger is a natural response to certain situations and at times it is an acceptable reaction but there are other incidents when the anger is not appropriate.

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“I smell the effluvium of pain and frustration.”

There is a reason for the anger and to every problem there is said to be a solution. When a situation arises, the individual is taught not to focus on the solution but rather the problem. Finding ways to handle the problem and confront it is the main objective in this anger management technique. It may take a while to conform to this plan. It is important to stick to it, eventually the answers will come.

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“For crying out loud. You’re missing important plot points.”

#7 People with anger issues are taught through anger relief techniques to practice better communication skills. Often a fit of anger arises because an individual misunderstood a conversation. Before giving it any thought, they become enraged and filled with anger. These techniques to deal with anger help the individual to slow down their thinking, think before they speak or react.


Definitely one of the funny anger management quotes.: “Is this Slow And Stupid Waitress Day?”

The easily angered person needs to listen to the underlying message and try not to jump to conclusions. When feeling on the defensive side, the individual should learn not to fight back. Listening rationally to what the other person has to say might make a huge difference in a reaction.

These are just a few techniques for managing anger, now simply enjoy the quotes.


Important anger management counselor advice by Dr. Rydell: “Confidence is the key to winning a young lady’s attention.”


…who looks as though he could satisfy a blue whale?


Bet everybody remembers these anger management movie quotes:

“You know I don’t like it when people watch me kiss.” “I do whatever I want when I want, you little Spanish fruit topping.”


“I do whatever I want when I want, you little Spanish fruit topping.”

funny angermanagement-saying

An anger management quote to remember: “I went from happy to angry, skipped sad. Now I feel like kicking his ass.”

funny moves quotes

One of the most memorable parts of the movie! “You’re angry right now. Wanna sing? Do you know “I Feel Pretty”?”

anger-management quote-16
anger management movie quotes

“I need to see Dr. B. I’m in crisis.”

Who else can still remember the movie actors: Jack Nicholson (Dr. Rydell), Adam Sandler (Dave Buznik), Marisa Tomei (Linda), Luis Guzmán (Lou), John Turturro (Chuck) and Woody Harrelson (Galaxia)…. Sorry I nearly missed to mention: John McEnroe, Rudy Giuliani, Roger Clemens …

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